Tips for Beginning Hikers

Did y’all know I like hiking? I believe strongly that all people should have the opportunity to connect with nature, and hiking is one of my favorite ways to do that. I know, though, that hiking culture can sometimes feel elitist or inaccessible, so I just wanted to get super clear with some of the basics. Hopefully taking the guesswork out of hiking encourages you … Continue reading Tips for Beginning Hikers

Summer 2018 National Park Road Trip Recap

My partner, Nic, and I have made the lofty goal of visiting all 59 U.S. National Parks. Yes, I know there are officially 60 now but I’m far too salty about the inclusion of the St. Louis Arch as a National Park to even include that on my list. In the two years we’ve been together, prior to this road trip, we have visited: Redwood … Continue reading Summer 2018 National Park Road Trip Recap